The Workshop

Painting In Blue

This workshop is for everybody who would like to (learn how to) paint. To paint in blue to be exact.

It is for the ones who would like to be more creative, but need that first step. It is for the fun friend groups who are celebrating a birthday. For the colleagues who need a getaway from the office. For anyone who needs a change of scenery.

The workshop will last three hours, during which I will teach you some of the techniques I use when I create a painting. Step by step I will show you how to build up a sketch, we will practice painting techniques and you will go home with a unique blue painting.
You’ll get to know the deep richness of the color blue and (re)discover your own creativity.

I serve wine, water or a pot of strong filter coffee. There will be no food in class. Luckily, if you are hungry after the workshop, the bar of Volkshotel has got you covered!

There are 6 spots available per class. It is encouraged to book as a duo or group. If you would like to do a request for a different date or time, let me know via daphnebleeker@hotmail.com

It will cost €59,95 per person. Refunds are not available for cancellations within 36 hours in advance of the session.

Even though this might all sound very blue and serious, be aware; it is first and foremost just very, very fun and relaxing.


€59,95 per person


Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam

What people say

"We had loads of fun while painting in blue! Moreover, we were pleasantly surprised with our achievements, thanks to Daphne’s tips and tricks. Great afternoon at the vibrant Volkshotel in Amsterdam!"


“Daphne’s workshop is incredible, she has created the most welcoming environment and creative atmosphere. Daphne is such a natural teacher and guide, the workshop brought an awesome group of people together and I couldn’t believe what we were able to create in those 3 hours.”


“A lovely Saturday afternoon, ‘Painting in Blue’ is truly a magical experience. Daphne takes you on a guided tour how to paint. Highly recommend anyone to check this out.” 


“Kliederen, proberen en na alle inspiratie en fijne tips van Daphne zit je vet gefocust te perfectioneren en stap je haar atelier uit met een serieus kunstwerk.”


Ik zat helemaal in mijn eigen bubbel, het was heel relaxed. En verrassend trots op het resultaat!


Zeker een aanrader! Een hele toegankelijke workshop om je creativiteit weer los te maken, ook als je (zoals ik) nooit schildert.