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“Contemplation” was created out of a search of solitude, stillness and focus. Themes I felt confronted with while I travelled through Japan in 2016. At the time I carried a little notebook which I titeled: “Japanse Precisie in Amsterdamse Chaos”, because that was what it felt like to me. I felt like I brought home a yearn of Japanese-like focus and precision in my life of constantly running and diving (head first) through the city of Amsterdam.
The original painting is made on a vintage, thick, off-white cardboard paper and finished plainly with two wooden rails, giving it the wabi-sabi and ‘lived’ feel that is part of my signature.

This is an Archival Pigmentprint on Canson Infinity paper, which are a lot of words to say that: the quality is impeccable. The color preservation has a lifelong warranty and the silky gloss and the surface has a silky finish. Available separately and in a hand-lacquered frame.

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Archival Pigmentprint on Canson
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